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General FAQs

Do you have questions about surgical procedures and what to expect when you come to Metwest Eye Centre for surgery? All your general questions answered.

  • Can I park my car?
  • Disabled parking and limited off-street parking available
    Street parking unlimited and 2 hour limit
  • Can I get there by public transport?
  • MetWest is about a 10-15 minute walk from the Blacktown Railway Station. There is a Taxi rank outside the station.
  • Will there be a cost for my visit?
  • MetWest is not a bulk-billing Centre. A consultation fee is charged, part of which is claimable from Medicare.
  • How long will my appointment take?
  • On your first visit the doctor may want your eyes to be dilated. This will mean eye drops need to be instilled and a wait of around 20-30 minutes before your eyes are ready to be examined.
    Expect to be at the Centre for around 1-2 hours.
    Appointments with the Centre’s sub-specialist ophthalmologists may take considerably longer as extra procedures may be required.
    Inform the receptionists if you need to reschedule an appointment.
  • How do I find the MetWest Eye Centre?
  • Gregory Reference: Map 274, J2
    UBD Reference: Map 188, P2
    Or go to Contact Us and follow the map provided
  • What are the business hours?
  • 8am – 5 pm Monday to Friday for consultations and emergencies
    The first floor Day Surgery is also open during the week for eye surgery.
  • Is there wheelchair access?
  • Consulting rooms are on the ground floor which is easily accessible for wheelchairs.
    1st floor day surgery is only available to ambulatory patients. There is no lift available.
  • Can I use my health fund?
  • Only services provided as an in-patient in the Day Surgery can be claimed through your health fund. Consultations and other procedures classified as out-patient services cannot be claimed through your health fund.
  • What do I need to bring for my visit?
  • In order to see a specialist ophthalmologist a referral is required from your local doctor or optometrist. This referral letter enables you to claim a rebate from Medicare on your consultation fee. It also ensures that the specialist who has examined your eyes will be writing back to your referring GP or optometrist regarding your visit.
    If you currently wear glasses, please bring these with you.


Please visit our Glossary of Terms page for an explanation of terms used.