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News and Updates

MetWest Eye Centre is dedicated to bringing you the latest news and updates. Visit this page regularly to keep up to date. MetWest Eye Centre produce a regular E-Newsletter featuring articles and updates, click here sign up to receive our e-mail Newsletter.

Articles in Newsletters

A Day Procedure Centre ticking all the boxes

By Jenny Langford, Winter 2014
The emphasis of accreditation has changed in recent years, and this has meant changes for our day procedure centre MetWest Surgical. With the introduction of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards has come a more holistic approach for day procedure centres. ... read complete article

Anaesthesia techniques for cataract surgery

By Dr Henry Liu MB DS, FANZCA, Spring 2005
The vast majority of cataract surgery today are performed under local anaesthesia techniques with some form of sedation as an adjunct, which allows the procedure to be implemented not only as a day stay but also on patients who would otherwise miss out because of their unsuitability to have general anaesthesia. ... read complete article

Celebrating Private Hospitals Week

By Sheila Martin, Winter 2014
Australian Private Hospitals Week - 19-23 May ... read complete article

MetWest Goes Green

By Jenny Langford, 29/04/2008
The "greening" of MetWest Eye Centre has started. Improved recyling, composting and recycling rainwater all play a part. ... read complete article

New at MetWest in 2014

By Sheila Martin, Winter 2014
MetWest Eye Centre welcomes two new doctors to the team. ... read complete article

News from the Practice Manager

By Sheila Martin, Summer 2013
Updates on the year - our doctors and staff, education and events - including MetWest Eye Centre winning the Professional Medical Services Category of the Local Business Awards. ... read complete article

Optical coherence tomography (OCT)

By Dr Mark Gorbatov, Summer 2006
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a noninvasive, high- resolution method of imaging the retina in cross-section. It allows us to see details within the retina and its relationships to the vitreous and the pigment epithelium, like no modality in the past. Diagnosis can be made more accurately and patients undergoing treatment followed with precision. ... read complete article


By Dr Robyn Armstrong, Spring 2006
Pterygium is a fibrovascular growth of the conjunctiva, which encroaches onto the cornea, usually located nasally. Although a genetic predisposition is likely, adverse atmospheric factors such as UV light, dust and wind are associated with increased incidence. ... read complete article

Red Eyes

By Dr Maciek Kuzniarz, Winter 2012
Red eyes - one of the most common eye conditions encountered, ranging from relatively benign in nature to vision threatening. In this newsletter, Dr Maciek Kuzniarz takes us through some of the more common causes - and gives handy tips on when and how urgently to refer. ... read complete article

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