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Preparing for your eye surgery

- What to expect
Our aim is to provide stress free, efficient, high quality eye surgery on a day only basis. Read about the procedures and what to expect on the day Ľ read more

Annual Eye Update

Tuesday 9 August
Dr Robaei discusses the practical aspects of cataract surgery and Dr Swamy uses retinal cases as the basis of his discussion. Ľ read more

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News and Updates

A Day Procedure Centre ticking all the boxes

By Jenny Langford, Winter 2014
The emphasis of accreditation has changed in recent years, and this has meant changes for our day procedure centre MetWest Surgical. With the introduction of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards has come a more holistic approach for day procedure centres. For us, this has meant: - The introduction of a Consumer Focus Group, meeting twice yearly to discuss outcomes and improvements at the centre. - Assessment of pressure injuries - although it is highly unlikely that these would occur at the centre due to the short length of stay, patients may present with, or be at a high risk of, a pressure injury and we want to ensure they receive the best possible care for these during their stay. - A more rigorous plan for a deteriorating patient, escalating their care at the first sign of a problem. - Changes to medication management, including a robust antimicrobial stewardship program. You may have already noticed changes to some of our forms, paperwork and the website, and this will continue as we strive to constantly improve the service that we deliver. Please donít hesitate to contact us with comments or suggestions on these improvements at -

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