Glaucoma Runs in Families

WGW2015_medium-rectangleThis week we are reminded that your chances of having glaucoma are increased if you have a direct family member with glaucoma.  If you have glaucoma, ensure that your family members have regular eye checks, as early detections helps to save vision.

Click here or call (02) 9622 7667 to make an appointment for a glaucoma check.

Glaucoma affects peripheral vision in it’s early stage so is difficult to pick up unless you are having regular eye checks.

Orthoptics Awareness Week

Orthoptist 1

This week is Orthoptics Awareness Week.  Orthoptists are members of the eye-care team that often work in Ophthalmology practices.

At MetWest Eye Centre, there are 6 Orthoptists working in various roles in the practice and the day surgery.  If you have visited the centre – it is very likely you have come into contact with at least one of them!

Click here for the RANZCO blog discussing the importance of Orthoptists.

Click here for more about Orthoptics Awareness Week.



Dates for your diary in 2015

Be eye aware in 2015:

wgw2014World Glaucoma Week – coming soon! – 8-14 March 2015

Macular Disease Awareness week – 24-30 May 2015

World Sight Day – Thursday 8 October 2015

julEYE – the National eye health awareness month throughout July.

World Diabetes Day – Saturday November 14 2015

World Diabetes Day

Today marks World Diabetes Day.  Diabetes can affect many organs of the body and included in this is the eyes.

Diabetic retinopathy can cause a range of vision problems – ranging from blurred vision to blindness.  It is important that all people with diabetes have regular eye examinations.

Click here for more information from Diabetes Australia.

Click here to make an appointment for a diabetic eye check.

Accreditation Day!

MetWest Surgical – the day-only eye hospital located on the first floor – underwent an accreditation survey yesterday.  This involved two surveyors from the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards attending the centre and checking paperwork, asking staff and management questions and making sure that all the processes and policies of the centre match with the industry standards.  This includes looking at our patient satisfaction surveys and their results, ensuring that we have mechanisms in place to prevent/reduce infections and checking that in all the we do we minimise risk to create the safest environment/procedure possible.

At the end of the day, the surveyors congratulated the centre on meeting the standards.

Congratulations to all involved behind the scenes and on the day – well done!

Thank you to our surveyors for making the day as smooth and positive as possible.

Thank you to our patients and their carers – especially those to whom the surveyors spoke to yesterday.

Are you medications helping or hindering?

This week is “Be Medicinewise week” – how medicinewise are you?  Take the medicine challenge.

It is important that when you come to see your Ophthalmologist that you let them know all the medications that you are currently using.  Some medications can interact with your eyes or your eye treatment.  By ensuring that all your doctors know your current medications you assist them in making the best decisions for your care.