Glaucoma Runs in Families

WGW2015_medium-rectangleThis week we are reminded that your chances of having glaucoma are increased if you have a direct family member with glaucoma.  If you have glaucoma, ensure that your family members have regular eye checks, as early detections helps to save vision.

Click here or call (02) 9622 7667 to make an appointment for a glaucoma check.

Glaucoma affects peripheral vision in it’s early stage so is difficult to pick up unless you are having regular eye checks.

Orthoptics Awareness Week

Orthoptist 1

This week is Orthoptics Awareness Week.  Orthoptists are members of the eye-care team that often work in Ophthalmology practices.

At MetWest Eye Centre, there are 6 Orthoptists working in various roles in the practice and the day surgery.  If you have visited the centre – it is very likely you have come into contact with at least one of them!

Click here for the RANZCO blog discussing the importance of Orthoptists.

Click here for more about Orthoptics Awareness Week.