Decreasing Infection Risks at MetWest Surgical

Infection rates for eye procedures are low, especially when compared with procedures on other body sites, however the consequences can be devastating.  Although an infection rate has not been recorded at MetWest Surgical for over 5 years, we remain vigilant in stamping out as many risks as possible.

As such, with the introduction of Pre-Filled Syringes (PFS) for intravitreal injections at the beginning of September, the Retinal Team at MetWest Surgical have requested that where possible these be used for patients undergoing Intravitreal Injections.

Rather than requiring the surgeon to draw up the Lucentis from the vial into a syringe and then swap needles, the medication comes pre-filled in a syringe. By missing out a couple of steps in setting up for the procedure, the potential infection risk is reduced.

Although a small change, it’s this attention to detail that enables our patients to continuously receive safe patient care.