MetWest was a-buzz!

Dr A and the optoms

Dr Robyn Armstrong with local optometrists

From 6pm registration until 9pm close, the MetWest Eye Update for optometrists on Tuesday 1st April was a huge success!  The centre was a-buzz as local optometrists mingled over a light dinner, before the interactive seminars with Dr Neil Rowe and Dr Andrew Kaines, and the opportunity to chat with Medical Director Dr Robyn Armstrong (all the while accruing CPD education points).

We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Strabismus – Getting the Facts Straight



Dr Rowe and Stephen McCowage chatting about strabismus

Dr Rowe and Stephen McCowage chatting about strabismus

MetWest’s resident squint specialist, Dr Neil Rowe (pictured left), shared his insight into strabismus at the annual Eye Update on 1 April.

Dr Rowe’s presentation covered the gamut of strabismus – from congenital esotropia to cranial nerve palsies in adults, and included lots of take-home tips for optometrists on testing for and diagnosing strabismus.  Several optometrists took the opportunity to discuss specific cases with Dr Rowe, who was only too happy to share some pearls of wisdom!




Diabetes – Stop sugar-coating it!

photo 1

Dr Kaines with local optometrists

Last night, MetWest Eye Centre held it’s annual Eye Update for Optometrists.  Dr Andrew Kaines (pictured left) gave a highly entertaining presentation on diabetes.  He focused on:

  • sharing care of diabetic patients – re-emphasising when it is essential for patients to be referred to an Ophthalmologist.
  • the importance of long-term blood sugar and blood pressure control.
  • new treatments for diabetic retinopathy and macular oedema.