Eye Awareness

It’s a busy few weeks at MetWest, with awareness weeks for Orthoptists and Glaucoma coming up.

Orthoptic Awareness Week starts on the 3rd of March and promotes the profession to the community. Orthoptists are university-trained eye professionals who are involved in the assessment and treatment of eye conditions.  When you visit MetWest there is a team of Orthoptists that assist the Ophthalmologists at the centre.  Read more about Orthoptists – here and here.

World Glaucoma Week begins on the 9th of March – and with over 60 million people with glaucoma worldwide, approximately 7 million of these are blind from the condition, it is essential for us to emphasis the importance of regular eye checks.  80% of glaucoma blindness is preventable when caught early!  Click here to read more about glaucoma, or here to organise an appointment to have your eyes checked for glaucoma.