CPR saves lives

Sinthu - CPR2

Metwest’s training day in September also included modules on CPR and manual handling.

Throughout the day staff were taken through the basics of CPR and what to do in emergency situations.

Adam, from EMS, tested everyone on their CPR technique – all staff passing with flying colours!

Pictured left: Sinthu demonstrates the use of an Air Viva, delivering oxygen to her “patient”.


Below: Shohreh, Shannyn and Jenny check the airway and breathing of their “patients” prior to commencing CPR.

CPR - clinical 4

MetWest Staff Fight Fires

Sinthu using an extinguisher


MetWest’s annual staff training day was held in September – with staff having an interactive session for their “First Attack Fire” training.

All staff were asked to demonstrate their skills as they put out a small fire using both a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket.





Picture below: Shohreh, Misty, Devika and Wendy using a fire blanket, ably assisted by Adam from EMS.

Shohreh FireMisty - Fire 2Devika FireWendy Fire


MetWest Surgical admits Patient #20,000!

Dr Andrew Kaines, Shannyn Genellos, Mr George Bartlett and Sheila Martin celebrate the milestone

Last Friday, 11th October, MetWest Surgical’s 20,000th patient walked through the door! This caps off a big year for the day surgery, which celebrated it’s 20th birthday in May. Surgeon Dr Andrew Kaines and patient, Mr George Bartlett, celebrated in style following his procedure.

Don’t take YOUR sight for granted!


Vision 2020 - World Sight Day

Today marks World Sight Day – the annual day of awareness to focus attention on blindness and vision impairment globally.

The key message this year from Vision 2020 CEO is that 75% of vision loss in Australia is preventable or treatable.  Sometimes vision loss is not noticed until it is too late!  Regular eye-tests can pick up early signs so vision loss can be diagnosed and treated.

Don’t take YOUR sight for granted – book an eye appointment today!