We Value Private Hospitals!


We Value Private Hospitals!

Throughout the week, MetWest Surgical has been celebrating Private Hospitals Week. Staff and patients have been welcomed into the day surgery and encouraged to share stories of their experiences within the private hospital system. Visitors to the day surgery on Wednesday and Thursday were treated to a celebratory morning tea (following their surgery!)

MetWest Celebrates Private Hospitals Week


This morning, MetWest Surgical staff, patients and visitors start celebrating Private Hospitals Week in earnest, with a morning tea in the day surgery – reminding all about valuing Private Hospitals. 

The day surgery has a full day of cataract surgery and intravitreal injections (for macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and vein occlusions) ahead – the perfect opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of private hospitals to our healthcare system.



Reducing Cataract Waiting Lists

Waiting lists for cataract surgery are one of the hot topics when discussing the NSW healthcare system.  As we continue to celebrate Private Hospitals Week, we look at the vital role that private hospitals play in cataract surgery waiting lists.  

Cataract surgery is “elective surgery” – meaning that it is not considered a life-threatening medical emergency and patients are put on a “waiting list” at the public hospitals.  These lists can often mean a wait of many months before being seen at the hospital.

Although not considered life-threatening, reduced vision has been shown to be related to depression and an increase in falls and fractures.  Most people who have had cataract surgery will agree that removing the cloudiness from their vision may not save their life – but it certainly improves it’s quality!  

Being an eye-only day surgery puts MetWest Surgical in a unique position to treat cataracts.  Not only is all the necessary equipment available and regularly updated, all the Ophthalmologists, Anaesthetists and nursing staff specialise in eye surgery, always keeping updated with the latest changes in technique and technology.  All surgery performed is elective – so once you have seen an Ophthalmologist about your cataracts, surgery can often be booked in within a matter of weeks!

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Valuing What We Do

featuresToday marks the start of Private Hospitals Week – a week-long campaign to highlight the importance and diversity of private hospitals to the Australian healthcare sector.  This week we will be running a series of blog-posts on the different services available at MetWest Surgical, conveniently located for those needed eye surgery in Sydney’s western suburbs.

MetWest Surgical has been accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards since 1993, specialising in eye surgery .  Doctors and staff are all specifically trained for ophthalmic surgery, with over 1000 admissions for eye surgery every year.

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Eyes – there’s more to learn?

Several MetWest Ophthalmologist’s will be attending the state branch meeting of RANZCO (The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists) this coming weekend.  Attending Ophthalmologists have a wide-ranging program, including Immunology and Ophthalmology, Endocrinology and Ophthalmology, Infectious Diseases in Ophthalmology and many more.


It promises to be a most enlightening conference as all the latest research in diagnosis and treatment of these disorders is discussed!

Keeping the Pressure Down





Glaucoma – it’s all about the pressure! 

Continuing glaucoma awareness throughout World Glaucoma Week.






Although it’s not the only aspect of the disease, it is one of the variables that can be managed.  Once diagnosed with glaucoma, an Ophthalmologist often sets a target pressure for a patient, and sets about reducing the pressure via a variety of methods.  These can include:

Drops – there are many glaucoma drops available, but your Ophthalmologist needs to find the drop (or drops!) which work best for you.

Laser – depending on the type of glaucoma you have, your Ophthalmologist may decide do a laser procedure to assist in reducing the pressure in the eye.

Surgery – surgery for glaucoma (called a trabeculectomy) is usually performed when drops and laser are not reducing the pressure enough.  The doctors at MetWest Eye Centre perform trabeculectomy surgery as a day-only procedure in the on-site day surgery, MetWest Surgical.

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Don’t let Glaucoma darken your life

World Glaucoma Week started yesterday and continues until Saturday with the aim of increasing awareness of Glaucoma in the population.  Glaucoma is a condition that primarily affects your peripheral vision and cannot be self-detected (as shown above).  However, by having regular eye checks it is possible for an Ophthalmologist to detect the disease early and start preventative treatment.  Glaucoma patients often have extra tests done when visiting their Ophthalmologist.  These investigative tests can include: pachymetry, field testing, and digital imaging. All of these tests assist in giving the Ophthalmologist a full picture of your eyes and monitor any progression. 

What is an Orthoptist?



This week marks Orthoptic Awareness Week – promoting both the profession of Orthoptics and the importance of getting regular eye-checks.  Most visitors to Ophthalmology practices would recognise that they have seen an Orthoptist.  Orthoptists assist the Ophthalmologist during a visit to the centre – and depending on the practice this can look quite different.  


At MetWest Eye Centre, an Orthoptist will normally “screen” a patient prior to the patient being seen by the doctor – asking questions about their eye problem, checking vision, performing any extra testing required – such as field testing, OCT imaging or digital photography.  Pre-cataract surgery measurements (biometry) are also usually performed by an Orthoptist.

These Orthoptists have had several years of University training, followed by on-site training at MetWest, meaning you can rest assured that at MetWest you are being tested and assisted by staff proficient in their field and able to provide the doctors with the most accurate results possible.

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